Ultra Tech

Name: Sagar Lama Stage name:Ultra tech Location: Nuwakot, Nepal Sagar Lama a.k.a Ultra tech is a beatboxer from Nuwakot Nepal, He found out about beatbox during his middle school year and was very much interested in learning it. When he was at grade seven he found out about beatbox tutorial and started learning beatbox, he... Continue Reading →


young Beast

Name: Avishek chettry Location: Narayanghat, Chitwan Stage Name: Young Beast Avisek a.k.a Young Beast had seen few videos of beatbox previously but he didn't knew what it was called one day he saw Professor Trix (rapper) beatboxing in rap battle of Raw Barz, then after that young beast started watching other videos of beatbox specially... Continue Reading →


Name: Sumin Shrestha Location: Chibaken, Chibashi, Wakaba-ku, Sakuragi 6-19-40 Stage Name Oxyzone Sumin Shrestha a.k.a Oxyzone started beatboxing when he was in 10th grade, at that time oxyzone was into Hip-hop scene and he saw few of his friends beatboxing and got interested in it then he started learning beatbox. Oxyzone and Crasher (CEO of... Continue Reading →


Name: Bibek Shrestha Location: Jyatha, Kathmandu Stage Name: Shadow Bibek Shrestha a.k.a Shadow was introduced to beatbox by one of his local friend during his 10th grade, After being introduced to beatboxing Shadow got interest in beatbox grew and he started watching videos of beatbox at YouTube and learned beatboxing by watching tutorials, soon after... Continue Reading →


Name : Iyoush Tamang Location : Narayanghat, Chitwan stage Name: Freezy Iyoush Tamang a.k.a Freezy was introduced to beatboxing by his cousin when he was in 6th grade, his cousin told him about a guy in YouTube make drum sounds from his mouth, at first he didn't believed him but later on he saw beatboxing... Continue Reading →


Name: David Chaudhary Location: Baluwatar, Kathmandu Stage Name: Xnappy-D David Aka Xnappy-D got to know about beatbox when he was in 7th standard during that time his seniors used to beatbox during talent shows and school breaks. Xnappy was amazed by their beatbox skills and got curious about it .he started learn basics from his... Continue Reading →

Death Poison

Name: Rahul Agrawal Location : Satdobato, Lalitpur Stage name Rahul Agrawal a.k.a Death poison got to know about beatbox when his best friend TNOX introduced it to him. After seeing his best friend beatboxing Death poison also got curious about it and started to learn beatbox from TNOX as well as from youtube, he started... Continue Reading →


Name: Tsuman Jung Khatri Location: Nakhipot, Lalitpur Stage name: TNOX Tsuman a.k.a TNOX got to know about beatbox when he was in 8th standard, during that time his  school held an event where one of the famous b-boying crew of that time were performing, and suddenly one of the crew member started making unique sounds... Continue Reading →


  Name: Utsav Thapa Location: Kathmandu, Nepal Stage name: Daku Utsav Thapa also known as Daku started beatboxing since 2012. He got to about beatbox when he saw one of the student in his school beatboxingHe then got interested in beatbox and started learning beatbox through internet and other sources, while he was learning beatbox... Continue Reading →

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