BWL 2017 Sponsors and Supporters

So… yesterday top 4 battlers were selected to face each other up on July 22 to become Beats war League 2017’s Champion, here are those battlers who will be facing up against each other on July 22

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We would also like to thank our Sponsors and supporters for helping us to organize this event. here is a brief summary of who our sponsors and supporters are.



Argon, professional IT Training institute is centrally located at sorhakhutte, Kathmandu.They have well equipped infrastructure & well-versed Instructors. Their mission is not only to focus on quality education but also professional education and it’s proper implementation. Thus, They extract the maximum potential of the students through their individual skill, creativity and technique that will create outstanding remarks. They hope to maintain a healthy relationship and support their students for internship and job placement after the completion of the course. In, conclusion, Their motto is “We here prepare you today for better tomorrow.”

Asmita Bed And Breakfast

Asmita Bed And Breakfast is a small Family run Bed and Breakfast style hotel run by Mr. Dharma and Mrs.Asmita Rai. Asmita Bed and Breakfast is located at central Thamel hub. It has total of four rooms and each rooms is equipped with attached bathrooms, T.V, fan and double bed. They have clean and comfortable rooms with family friendly environment.


vidzFactory is the first website in Nepal that contains entertaining and amazing videos of people having fun and with talents. We give platform or shelter to your videos so that your talents or fun moments won’t get vanished, so that you get your identity or fame among people. We introduce your moments and talents to many people in order to give you a specific identity. So guys keep on liking our page and send YouTube links of your perfect and favorite videos to or our facebook page or you could also subscribe our channel VidzFactory and post your videos there. So guys keep on posting.


FLUID | Finnest League of Ultimate Identity Discovery.There are outstanding talents and unique identity blooming all over the world waiting for it to be discovered. Here comes the FLUID to unleash and outcast them all.As the name states “League”, you might have got the idea of what this is gonna be about. Yeah, FLUID will be organizing different leagues based upon the talents and identity of all out there. This project will be a platform for all the talented and identical people out there struggling to get their identity in front of the world.You might be wondering why league? Well, that is simple. League has more opportunity for someone than in any knock out championships, as they get chance to prove themselves several times. Plus if anyone gets to be in action for a long time they are easy to be known by many people as well. In addition to that, they will also get many chance to gain experience as well as communicate with the particular community of their own type. Overall this will be a revolutionary step towards the IDENTITY of any struggler trying to make an identity of themselves. And as it says “Identify Yourself” – FLUID .


Hasayo Nepal – A trending troll page of Nepal sharing laughers all around the nation.

Beatbox brothers – Aspiring beatbox tag team of Nepal working on to develop beatbox in Nepal

Gunjan Gurung – Emcee and representative of “DO it yourself” club

Sumit Dangol – inspiring photographer


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