BG Beats


Name: Yubraj Gurung

Location: Chitwan

Stage Name: BG Beats

Yubraj Gurung a.k.a BG Beats was introduced to beatbox by his brother, after being introduced to beatbox BG beats started watching beatbox videos over internet he was very much inspired by videos of Reeps one, Krnfx, Dharni and Napom then his intrest in beatbox grew even more and he started learning beatbox by watching tutorials og eclips, Krnfx etc over YouTube. Later on He meet Gudday from pokhara and got inspired even more, he used to practice beats with Gudday He and His brother along with other beatboxers at Chitwan right now are doing shows, events and even workshops to promote beatbox in their area. He hope that someday beatbox will gain popularity in Nepal.

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